Just A Hash Tag Creates Candid Memories Through Instaprint Wedding Photo Booths

Perception of weddings has changed with the need to be felt present on social media platforms at all times. People are clicking more photos at the event rather than experiencing it. These photos always cherish fond memories of the event and are close to heart.

How would you feel if you can print all these photos and even have a slideshow of it at your wedding? And no we are not talking about formal photography, but those by guests capturing candid moments.

Instaprint Singapore offers live printing of photos taken on instagram at your wedding. They set up photo booths through the venue, and anyone taking a photo on instagram just needs to tag their pictures with a unique hash tag created exclusively for the event. There will be an Instaprint coordinator who will help guests through the process. Live streaming of the photos at the venue through screens encourages guests to be a part of your special day. Every guest can also take home a customised printed photo card as a memento from the day from the photo booth.

How to popularise your hash tag:

Photos that are tagged with the unique hash tag of the event will only be printed. So, it is crucial your guests tag their pictures with it. Encourage them to hash tag your event with these tips.

  • Include the hash tag from the first day of ‘Save the Day’ invites on social media.
  • Print it in your formal invites with the reason for the hash tag.
  • Let your creativity run lose – engrave it on napkins, program menus or drink stirrers.
  • Write it on chalkboards and hang them, use props like vintage cameras or small framed tent cards placed on dining tables.
  • Place wooden boards at important places like entrance of the event or near the stage and places where your guests would notice it.

What to avoid:

Instaprint sees to it that the photos tagged and streamed are safe to display, but it does not hurt to drop in a few pointers before they help to instagram the event.

  • Let your guests be guests and not photographers. Clicking pictures should flow with the event and not be the only event. Also clicking pictures on the notion to instagram does not mean making the couple wait till the guest has finished his share of taking photos.
  • It is an emotional day for you. You would not want everything to be put up on social media like getting ready for the event. So let your guests know kindly in advance when you don’t want certain things to be shared.
  • Inappropriate pictures, poses and drunken brawls are not something you want to look back at and cherish. So let your guests know what is acceptable and what is not.

Instagram photos are nostalgic by itself due to its Polaroid form. Let your guests make your special day even more special and nostalgic by creating a slow movie of the event through Instaprint. Visit us at Instaprint website at http://www.instaprint.sg to find more now!

Ways To Prevent The Colours From Spreading When Printing Designs On T-shirts

Fabrics tend to stretch a lot. It hardly maintains a constant size or shape. This affects a designer since the colour of the design starts to merge with each other and thus becomes difficult to print. To overcome this problem and to make printing on t-shirts easy, the process of colour registration is used. This ensures that the colours are at the right place in relation to the other colours and do not mix with each other. However this technique needs to be done with care and by an expert who has mastered this skill. Any error in registration can make the design look shabby. They start looking misprinted and poorly aligned. Even a slight shift in the fabric can make the whole design messy and spoil the output of the final product.

The registration process happens during the t-shirt printing phase, however in order to increase the clarity and make it more accurate, the process can be carried out during the design phase too. This is called trapping. This process adds a light stroke to the colours so that the overlapping zone between colours is bare minimum. This makes a huge difference to the output of the product and they look cleaner.

In the screen printing process, the colours in the design is printed with a short interval between each colour. This lets the colour settle and spread marginally. If it is a very fine grained mesh it causes the colour to spread a lot which increases the chance of the details of the design to get lost. The main reason for the colour to spread is the tightness in the mesh of the screen which is being used to squeeze the ink. If the mesh is not tight enough then the ink penetrates through bigger blobs and causes more spreading.

Ministry of Print is an expert in the silkscreen printing industry. If you want to know more about silkscreen printing technique, check out our video below: